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Why opt for a project when you can quenable ?

quenable offers an all-encompassing, collaborative approach to turning your ideas into reality.

We believe that Project Management is up for an overhaul, an overhaul that we're pleased to lead.

quenable is not just our name, but a term that we believe will become a way to describe a mindset to focus on rapidly bringing your business initiatives to reality taking advantage of the building blocks of the cloud.

These are the nimble ways of enabling successful delivery to the development and progress of your business.

This is quenable.


quenable [kwen-a-buhl]

quenable is the merging of quick and enable. Quick in reference to our belief that activities should structured into short periods as a necessary discipline; and enable to spotlight that the implementation of an initiative should be focussed on enabling and supporting change.



You need to stop "doing projects” and see how quenable can quickly, and reliably deliver your next business win. Here's a few things to consider in deciding whether it's time to change:

  • Speed - being nimble - in supporting operational change is no longer a NICE TO HAVE but a MUST within the modern business environment;

  • Long Tech projects that fail are no longer, nor need to be acceptable/normal practice when we have access to an ever increasing set of cloud building blocks; 

  • Modern Technology platforms support the ability to try, fail, then cancel thus supporting the ideal of innovation; 

Modern Work Space


Does this depiction resonate ? If so it's time to try something different. You're initiative deserves better !!

This flow represents the (unfortunately) all too common way in which great ideas are handled within a business environment that is always consumed with business as usual. 

Good intentions and a desire to succeed often see this cycle repeat again and again, but even with the best of intentions, repeated fails can lead to:  Wasted Resource (Time & Money), Team Frustration & Malaise but most importantly, each "Swing and miss" is another missed opportunity to see your initiative and innovation soar.  

Business Projects Failure cycle.png


The quenable framework follows a fixed six-week cycle focussing on all the elements requirements to deliver a successful business initiative.

Software As A Service has provided business with a "base" where we can almost assume that the tech will work.

Whilst getting the tech "right" has become easier, too often the tech gets held accountable for poorly managed implementation, or lack of fundamental change management process to assess and manage the impact of change before it is simply "switched on".

The quenable approach begins by designing a team of your people that will understand and drive an organisation wide perspective and understanding as to the true scope of activities required for an initiative to succeed.  

quenable likecycle.png


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