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Our way of protecting your organisation as well as us

quenable has created as way to move away from what we believe to be methods and behaviours that we see as time-wasting, counterproductive or just downright wrong. Agile delivery does require the right training and commitment.....that's what we are here for.

In backing ourselves, we believe that we'd not only be untrue to our mission to "try something different" but also be behaving unethically if we accepting business that was not aligned with approaches we're dis-endorsing.

Therefore we've come up with a set of non-negotiable behaviours and mandates that we'd feel better parting ways with an organisation than moving into less than optimal engagements.  

Client 1


A team of broad Persona's are the key to success

All quenable engagements must have at least four team members representing the four critical persona's in place, and active over the entire engagement. Persona's provide perspective, objectivity and quorum to engagements to ensure that an appropriate level of consideration is given in having an initiative validated prior to delivery. Now to put your mind at ease, a) These are not full time commitments and b) quenable will always supply at least one persona (the DX Lead)

Client 8


Our commitment ceremony is an integral part of committing as a aplogies

Once we've established a vision as a team for the initiative, we will be formally gathering everyone to confirm what we've been discussing, affirming our vision and as a team committing to the 6weeks ahead. We're not unrealistic and understand that things do change, but in keeping true to our role as motivators and being engaged to help you succeed, the commitment ceremony is a chance to together commit as a team

Client 8


We've researched and back 6weeks as being the sweet spot for success

Remember that with quenable we're not just talking about the build, we're talking about everything involved including, confirming the why of what we're doing, envisaging the Stories and underpin the what, building, and possibly most importantly making sure that all the change is managing to ensure that once up and running everyone is excited to get on board with what'd been delivered.

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