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Matthew Verity, November 2021

December 2021 marks a big milestone for me – it will be 25years since I emerged from the Computer Labs of the University of Technology Sydney ready to bring “technology to the world of business”. In 2021 this remains my driving vision, however, where I thought I’d be delivering this vision “one line of C++ code at a time” and perhaps being referred to as “that programmer dude”, instead I quickly became known and referred to as “that guy that can explain tech”, "that guy that gets things done", “the optimistic guy”, and perhaps most proudly - “a great mentor”. Rather than lamenting the change, I embraced the shift so that establishing and working with unified business and tech teams became my driving force.

Whilst being lucky to still enjoy my chosen career path, several issues have increasingly started to play on my mind. I’d summarise these as being:

  1. That while learning and understanding the need for effective process has been key to my career progression; I’ve come to recognise that effective teams underpinned by a blend of people from differing backgrounds is far more likely create success than “death by project management”.

  2. I’ve watched the growth of “Agile” within the tech sector and whilst seeing it’s value in software development, I believe that attempts to align Tech Agile into general business have been less than successful. I believe that adoption of a truly ‘Agile Mindset’ is essential to business but believe that most organisations are at best in the early stages of this endeavour; and finally

  3. I’ve grown frustrated over seeing too many great initiatives lose momentum either through the quagmire of Business As Usual or via project governance models that stifle innovation

The need to rethink appropriate project management, a desire to help business adopt an agile mindset, and wanting to see great ideas “get up” were the primary factors that led me to create quenable. The name quenable is the merging of quick + enable. Quick in reference to my belief that activities should structured into short periods as a necessary discipline; and enable to spotlight that the implementation of an initiative should be focussed on enabling and supporting change.

Underpinned by elements of Change & Project management alongside Co-ordination & Coaching; the quenable approach will not enable organisations to transition initiatives into reality but will in the process assist organisations adopt true business agility. Agile principles focussed on a) what really matters, and b) prioritising the right results are supported by a reliable, repeatable approach where business outcomes are always more important than technology features.

The below is a set of problem statements that we believe represent the ‘sweet spot’ for what we’re offering in assisting organisations with their technology-centric initiatives:

  1.  “We start projects successfully, but by week 2 we’re all just too busy. We just need someone to help keep us on track and keep the pressure on to get to the end” – I call this this the busy business syndrome and I think most of us can relate here from some stage in our lives;

  2. “We have the idea, but we’re not great at projects and keeping on top of the paperwork” - We all get frustrated by process, but most of us come to recognise and accept that the right level of process is key to getting the job done “right”

  3.  “We need the help of someone to “grease” the wheels and keep us not only motivated but focused and going off on a tangent” – I don’t think I’m alone id admitting to the occasional “tangent” myself; and

  4. “Our business understands the benefits of ‘Business Agility’ ,but are struggling with internal differences as to what it means and the best way for us to 'get there”'"– Success in business requires humility. One of core values of quenable I’m establishing it that of humility to ensure that your approach to us with open hands, will be met with a position of support & trust to help you take the next step with business agility.

My commitment to quenable Customers is to provide services that whilst focussed on seeing your initiatives succeed; are delivered though a professional, positive & enjoyable experience. I believe that our success will be measured through feedback mirroring the pride I’ve taken in some of the feedback I mentioned earlier.

In meeting this commitment to Customers, quenable will be a focussed, people centric employer underpinned by the core values of our staff being Professional, Approachable and Humble. quenable will offer a rewarding & positive experience to ensure that not only we maintain a happy working environment, but that positivity and energy extends to and serves the most important part of our business, our customers.

I’m looking forward to seeing quenable transition those business ideas and initiatives into success, but for now, I’ll sign off with what I believe to be the end of every great conversation, “Let’s keep talking”.

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