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6 weeks....that is all

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Imagine if we could wave a magic wand to take away that most awkward of questions that come in project planning meetings.......i.e. the dreaded "so when's it going to be done?"

This inevitably comes right after everyone has breathed the first sigh of relief that finally, you (kinda) understand what is going to be done, catches everyone off guard (not sure why) and leaves everyone looking around the room as to who's going to be "the one" to commit.

With quenable, we make it an easy "always" answer...6 weeks.

Why, because experience shows that for any change to take effect, 6 weeks is needed.

Remember that with quenable we're not just talking about the build;, we're talking about everything involved including; confirming the why of what we're doing, envisaging the Stories and underpin the what, building, and possibly most importantly making sure that all the change is managed.

The first three immediate concerns we get in fixing a 6 week window are as follows:

  1. But it won't take 6 weeks to get my idea up and running; or

  2. But I only have 2 weeks; or

  3. But it will take more than 6 weeks

Fortunately, we have answers for each.

But it won't take 6 weeks to get my idea up and running: This is actually good news. With the extra time you might have up your sleeve, we can spend time teaching you the quenable approach and adding "touches" that will make the final product that little bit better.

But I only have 2 weeks: Well, that is a shame. On this occasion, quenable won't suit your needs. Either you've got this one "in the bag" or it's likely that quenable is overcooked for you on this occasion.

But it will take more than 6 weeks: This for us is where quenable starts to shine. The longer an initiative, delivery, project runs, the risk of failure starts to rise. Whether through malaise, management etc. all too often progress starts to slow and the inevitable "we're not going to make the date" feeling starts to emerge.

The challenge (that we will coach you through) is that unless you're building a rocket (we don't quenable these challenges), you can incrementally deliver, and you can deliver "something". Sure, it may not be the shiny final product, but by having something committed and tangible, the conversation to then enter into a subsequent 6weeks is easier than continually "kicking the can along". We all dread the statement "trust me we're close".

The beauty of quenable is that it's been built by folks who through experience know the bumps, the problems, the attitudes that will come and we know how to deal with the,. By understanding the reality of projects we've developed a technique that will provide an experience where you are in control and we know how to deal with the reality of resources being sick, changes to scope and even those "doubting Thomas'" who can really impact the morale and progress of getting the job done.

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