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Search just made up a new word....quenable ?

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Can you even do that ?

Whilst not yet in the dictionary, we’ve set the lofty ambition to be there. quenable is not just our name, but a term we want to become a way to describe synonymous with a mindset to focus on rapidly (quickly) delivered solutions that enable organisations to succeed.

quenable is the concatenation of two of the Founders favourite works, "Quick" and "Enable" It may not hit the next version of the dictionary, but from lofty goals often comes results; so for the dictionary authors out there, here's what we think the entry might be:


quenable [kwen-a-buhl]


  1. To quickly enable an organisation with a solution to a problem:

The problem was able to be addressed through a quenable approach

Take your vision, people & energy + a disciplined, timeboxed approach with the support of experienced consultants, and you’ve got yourself a quenable approach.

So there it is, our attempt to define a word, and as to whether we can "even do that", I think we just did.

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