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The quenable can be applied to pretty much any type of initiative you can think of but here are few that we have a particular sweet spot


The most critical technology piece at the centre of every organisation should be a contract management solution (CRM) that provides everyone with confidence in handling one of your most valuable business assets, your customer data. While there are plenty of options in the market, it's worth spending time in first sorting out the most critical elements that you require before "leaping" into the first solution you google. The quenable team are well versed in CRM initiatives and can lend their support and guidance in engaging your staff in the process of finally getting a reliable solution in place.


The past few years has certainly spotlighted in many organisations where there reliance on the in-house data centre is just too tight. System migrations are not the easiest of projects and often fall over right at the end due to the people managing the process being too busy to prepare and execute effective communication and change into the organisation. The quenable approach brings all part of the business to the table and makes this a team rather than an IT change program. It can be done, it just needs the right focus and attention.


Digital Form technology has been developing and improving for no less than a decade and yet these initiatives present some of the highest failure rates. Why ? Because the desire to solve every problem under the sun lead to never ending changes that never see a single form get deployed. Digital form initiatives more than most require a disciplined, iterative approach that can only be provided through frameworks such as quenable.

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